Serverless TIBET

Serverless TIBET


  • Modularize your applications with fine-grained cloud-hosted functions.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for intermediate application servers.
  • Minimize server fees with more "edge" computing in the TIBET client.


"Serverless" is a recently-coined, albeit somewhat misleading, term for a Cloud-based approach to application design. In serverless designs the server-side functionality is highly granular and run on-demand rather than residing in a persistent "application server" process.

In the same way the TIBET Workflow System allows you to modularize your service layer, serverless computing lets you create fine-grained REST services which you can combine to create more complex applications.

The primary appeal of a serverless approach is the potential to reduce your computing costs. One way to help ensure that's true is to leverage "edge computing" (aka the client-side) to keep your server utilization manageable. That's where we feel TIBET really excels.

With its RESTful Client/SOA architecture, TIBET is particularly well-suited to a serverless approach. TIBET lets you manage page flow, intelligent data caching, and other tasks directly in the client, minimizing service invocations and keeping your costs in check.

There's nothing special you need to do to leverage the Cloud from TIBET, simply configure your particular services to be accessible from the client side and use TIBET's standard functionality.


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There's no specific code in TIBET for supporting serverless development, TIBET was designed from the ground up to support what we called Client/SOA, a client/server architecture where the server was composed of, you guessed it, fine-grained REST services.