TIBET Tag Store

TIBET Tag Store™


  • Easily share components across all your internal projects.
  • Consume or share tags with the broader TIBET community.
  • Fully-integrated with TIBET Sherpa and TIBET Summit.

Coming Soon

The TIBET Tag Store™ is our upcoming TIBET component warehousing solution.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with TIBET Sherpa™ and the upcoming TIBET Summit™ ecosystem, the Tag Store will let you share TIBET tags across your projects.

Imagine creating your tags via the Sherpa™ and sharing them with the click of a button, pushing them to a common internal tag warehouse. Or needing a component from the corporate tag library and pulling it into your application using the Sherpa's existing dispenser functionality.

Imagine sharing your custom tags more broadly with your trusted development partners or the larger TIBET development community from either the CLI or Sherpa using simple commands or the click of a mouse.

With the TIBET Tag Store you can share components in tag form across projects or across continents with a minimum of effort.

That's the vision behind the TIBET Tag Store™.