tibet-help(1) -- displays help specific to TIBET


tibet help <topic>


Displays help for a specific command or the 'tibet' command.

You can alternatively get usage data via the --usage flag on each command or complete help output by using the --help flag on the target command.


List help on the tibet command itself

$ tibet

Usage: tibet <command> <options>

The tibet command can invoke TIBET built-ins, custom commands,
tibet makefile.js targets, grunt targets, or gulp targets based
on your project configuration and your specific customizations.

<command> built-ins include:

    appcache apropos clone config context deploy doclint
    echo freeze help init lint make package quickstart
    reflect release resources rollup start tag test thaw
    tsh user version

makefile.js targets include:

    build checkup clean deploy resources rollup

<options> always include:

    --help         display command help text
    --usage        display command usage summary
    --color        colorize the log output [true]
    --verbose      work with verbose output [false]
    --debug        turn on debugging output [false]
    --stack        display stack with error [false]

Configure default parameters via 'tibet config'.

hello@0.1.0 /Users/ss/.nvm/v0.10.36/bin/tibet