TIBET Licensing

TIBET is Open Source; Free depends on you…

TIBET is licensed under the terms of the OSI-approved Reciprocal Public License.

You can choose to open source your code as required by the RPL or, if you want to keep your code private, you can purchase a low-cost privacy waiver.

GitHub, Travis-CI, Sauce Labs, npm; the JavaScript landscape has numerous pay-for-privacy services. TIBET offers you the same choice: public or private?

If you are unable to use TIBET under the RPL contact us regarding commercial licensing options. Pricing for commercial licenses is not listed here.

* NOTE: if you purchase support your first application is automatically covered by a waiver for the same period as your support contract.
App Count Monthly Annual
1 $99 * $999 *
2–10 $299 $2999
11–50 $749 $7499
51–100 $1249 $12499
101+ $2499 $24999