TIBET Support

The full TIBET stack...fully-supported.

TIBET support has no incident limits or off-hours, just pick a response time.

Support is triggered by issue activity from a GitHub ID. Initial responses are done via GitHub. Escalation to chat, video, or phone is done free of charge at our discretion.

All support contracts include a single-app privacy waiver. If you require waivers for additional apps see our licensing page.

Supply an email address associated with a GitHub account during purchase. You can add additional contacts for a nominal fee.

NOTE: If you purchase support your first application is covered by a privacy waiver for the same period as your support contract.
Response Time Monthly Annual
Safety Net (72 hours) $249 $2499
Next Day (24 hours) $399 $3999
Same Day (12 hours) $749 $7499
Production (1 hour) $1499 $14999
Extra Contact Email $49 $499